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Equation editor, equation management & search engine by LaTeX4technics

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We offer a variety of innovative and rock-solid features. These support you anywhere.

High performance code editor

including features like syntax highlighting and highlighting of matching parentheses

Handwriting recognition

Draw your equations with mouse or touch screen


over 400 pre-defined visual LaTeX commands


Change settings like editor theme

3 operation modes

equation, minimal and full LaTeX


including over 280 LaTeX commands

Auto- and real-time-compilation

various export capabilities

png, jpg, gif, svg & pdf export with adjustable resolution. Including LaTeX equation to MathML export

Colouring tool

intuitive colouring of your equations

User system

Save and share with note-system

Equation management

allows you to manage your projects efficiently

Cloud based

search engine for equations

search it, modify it, use it

integrable and customizable Editor

spice up your website by integrating LaTeX4technics

Browser Support

Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms.

  • Safari

  • Opera

  • FireFox

  • IE 9+

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Roberto A. Lineros [Astroparticle physicist,]

Your site have became essential each time I prepare slide for a seminar!

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Amado Winning

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Myles Graziosi

Veniam impedit pariatur veritatis libero ex, nostrum unde quia, qui voluptate et aliquam expedita porro esse ullam!

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Matt Waack

Id quasi beatae sequi sint necessitatibus? Sapiente repudiandae, maiores. Deserunt tempore alias fugit molestias, dicta qui perspiciatis.

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database of frequently asked questions

What is LaTeX4technics?

LaTeX4technics is an online equation editor based on a full LaTeX distribution accompanied by numerous helpful features like handwriting recognition or syntax highlighting. The software package is designed to greatly simplify the time consuming task of writing formulas in LaTeX.

Do I need to know LaTeX to use LaTeX4technics?

Our main goal is to simplify the creation process of equations. We offer various features like visual shortcuts or handwriting recognition. Because of that you can on the one hand create equation projects without deep understanding of LaTeX. On the other hand we offer a high performance code editor, so you can create massive LaTeX documents

When was LaTeX4technics first released?

The first version of LaTeX4technics was released on 1 December 2014